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Hello and welcome to Rustic Lane Soap and Candle Company!  I began this journey in 2008 after receiving a gift of handmade soap from my sister and falling in love.  I couldn't believe what a difference using that wonderful soap made.  My skin was soft and moisturized and it felt like something really special to use.

Being a chronic DIY-er my whole life, I had to try making it.  What I quickly found out was that soap making is very similar to cooking, which is my other favorite pastime, but with an artistic flair.  I was hooked!  While soap making remains my true love, I have branched out over the years to offer other luxurious skin and fragranced products.  


My goal is to offer products that bring Peace, Love, and Joyfulness to those that use them.  In fact, I am a master level Reiki practitioner, and I impart that intention into all the products that I make.  I hope you love them!


I wish you much JOY on your path. 

 - Deb

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